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Sports Illustrated July 1966   Sports Illustrated July 1966spacer (1K)

Phil Edwards, riding the pinnacle of his career, gives a surfing clinic at Virginia Beach in a special profile for Sports Illustrated.

It's too bad the wave size and quality didn't match his talent for this ....... Details

Sports Illustrated July 1967   Sports Illustrated July 1967spacer (1K)
  "The Summer Surfers Invade Hawaii!" Sports Illustrated chronicles the migration of beautiful mainlanders to Waikiki in the summer of love. Remember those hairstyles? Oops...I'm dating myself. This magazine is in Ono-plus ....... Details

Sports Illustrated March 1958   Sports Illustrated March 1958spacer (1K)

"Tough seas make tough Australians."

More than 50 years ago, surfing was alive and well Down Under. As this old Sports Illustrated magazine proves, wave riding is "both a serious business for ....... Details

Sports Illustrated September 1987   Sports Illustrated September 1987spacer (1K)

Sports Illustrated catches the SoCal surfin' craze with this 21-page cover feature titled "California Dreamin." Covering everything from beach volleyball, body building, and motocross to rock climbing, ....... Details

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