Odds & Ends


HO HO HO! Leave it to a surfer to come up with this idea! Totally cool concept to celebrate the season of gift-giving! Instead of those old fashioned, dimestore, red-flannel-type socks, try one of our Hula Stockings for that unique tropical flair. Forget stuffing oranges and nuts, but try bananas, mangos, or even surfboard wax! And don't forget to fill it with any of the small, inexpensive trinkets from SugarShackSurfShop.com to make a real splash this holiday season. Handcrafted with 100% cotton material, genuine raffia on the cuff, and even real seashells, they measure at least 19" long and 10" wide. We just got a new shipment in and they are beautiful, but not yet photographed...styles vary!