Surf Tunes


"Brand new sounds from the band that brought you the groundbreaking album Unleashed. All five band members are longtime Orange County surfers who were brought together through their common interests: love of surfing, respect for the ocean, and the desire to bring authentic sounds of the early 60s surf bands back to the forefront of the music industry. This new album finds the boys pushing the envelope of instrumental surf music into a whole new scene, from the all out rockabilly sounds of Mississippi Leg Hound and the Mariachi flavored El Barracho to the psycho surf style of Dr. Jelly Finger. Yet even with all of the varied influences, THE ELIMINATORS retain that unmistakable sound that makes them RED HOT! So sit back, crank the stereo, and get RADICAL!" Click Here for a close-up view of the backside of their newest CD release.