Surf Movies


Every once in awhile, we stumble across something that deserves mentioning even though it may have already received wide exposure and you can get it anywhere. Longboard Magazine's video from last year is still worth more than just mentioning but a loud applause as well. Keep this one forever. Great all around action-packed video with insane shots from Indonesia and everywhere else, too! It will keep you glued to the screen. The soundtrack is worth the price alone and Contours is's choice for Longboard Video of the Year.

Hang on to your seats because this one is produced by Guy Motil, filmed by Jeff Neu, and directed by Scott Hulet, so you know you're in for a treat! It says this right on the back of the box: "If you only buy one longboard surfing video this year, you can't go wrong with the one you're currently holding." So true.

© 1999 © Longboard Magazine, 57 minutes. Available in VHS only.  We just sold our last DVD and we're not sure we can get any more!!