Vintage Collectibles - Magazines - Surfer's Journal - Volumes 10 - Present


Photographer Stuart Gibson sucker-punches us halfway around the world with this striking image of Dustin Hollick pulling into a huge shack at Shipstern's Bluff, Tasmania.

Content includes a profile of Chilean hellman Ramon Navarro and an outstanding Hossegor pictorial by Chris Leschinsky. Sam George and Joe Curren explore the primitive surfing tradition of Sao Tome, a remote archipelago off the coast of West Africa. Also includes a Midget Farrelly retrospective by Phil Jarratt, "Big Red is Dead" by Terry Fitzgerald, and Michael Eckerman's wave forms in stone. Plus "Welcome to the Badlands" by Jimmy O'Keefe, an Aamion Goodwin profile, and a stunning Sean Davey portfolio.

Direct from the publisher, these mint back issues are immediately sealed in a clear archival-quality plastic sleeve with an acid-free mat backing board. Virtually untouched by human hands, they are perfect for the discriminating collector.