Elvis didn't really surf but he did do a movie in the islands, with Blue Hawaii, being the most famous and boasting one of the best-selling sound tracks of all time. In commemoration, the Vandor Studios have brought this cute porcelain music box to our attention. We have it in our line of cool stuff only because of the surfboard in the front seat. But check this out! This is the Premiere Limited Edition with only 3600 pieces available. Each one is individually numbered. "Can't Help Falling in Love" will surely bring back memories of the King himself, even though he didn't surf. We're hoping you'll fall in love with this wind-up ceramic collectible, too!

Sadly, this design has been discontinued...we've been forced to raise the price accordingly. A highly collectable item for those Elvis fans!

Measures 4" wide by about 8" long and 4" tall and comes with its own individual hand tag. Click Here for a close-up view.