Surf Movies


Video Producer Herbie Fletcher has been documenting longboard surfing ever since the resurgence of the art in the mid-1980s. In this compilation - highlights from the last 10 years - many of the world's greatest modern stylists and old-school legends are featured at a wide variety of classic locations around the world. See Bonga Perkins, Lance Ho'okano, Kanoa Dahlin, Duane DeSoto, and Sion Milosky push the limits at Pipeline; Joel Tudor, Jimmy Gamboa, Mitch Abshire, Dane Wilson, Jason Roglund, and Kassia Meador at Malibu; David Nuuhiwa, Pat Curren, Dale Dobson, and Herbie Fletcher in Cabo San Lucas; Skip Frye and Mickey Munoz at San Onofre; Plus many more longboarders at locales including France, Mainland Mexico, Reunion Island, California, and Hawaii. © Astrodeck 2002. 78 minutes. Available in VHS only.