Vintage Collectibles - Magazines - Surfer's Journal - Volumes 1 - 9


"Accelerator: The Terry Fitzgerald Story" documents the Sultan of Speed in his heyday. Or go mat surfing with George Greenough in Paul Gross' "Inflatable Dreams." If you like it cold, a Russia travel feature might inspire you. If not, the Russell Hoover portfolio featuring some vintage Tom Curren and some contemporary Kelly Slater will. Take a step back in time with a Tommy Zahn retrospective piece or pull into a "California Christmas." "Bent Offerings: Brian Taylor's Conceptual Journey." OK Brian, it's only a potato chip... This issue is in Betty-minus condition, or about 75 percent of mint. It's been well-read but not thrashed. Some superficial dinks and cover scratches. Subscription card is intact. No torn or missing pages. No cutouts. You can no longer purchase this back issue from the publisher! Packaged in an archival-quality clear plastic sleeve with an acid-free mat backing board.