How kooky is your bird? Do you think he could relax in this palacial bird house? If this doesn't drive you cuckoo, we've got plenty of other things that will! Our new "Kooky" line adventure starts with our tropical feathered friend, who takes us to the South Pacific in his custom ceramic nest. He dons his shades and brings you our Coastal Collection, a line with vibrant colors. Our kooky ocean cast is sure to be a hit with everyone! This is sure to be another bestseller from the "Kings of Kook." Check out our matching new Woody "Kooky" Jar, also by the same manufacturer. Measures approximately 9 inches long by 8 inches high by 4 inches wide. The sturdy steel cable will secure the bird house to your favorite tree. Made in China. Doh! Seems like we just got these in and the manufacturer has informed us that they have broken the mold and are no longer available. We've been forced to raise our price accordingly... Click Here for a closer look.