Surf Movies


With a sense of natural whit and an eye for beauty, this romantic surf novel unfolds throughout the world's most untouched destinations with today's best surfers. From the markets and souks of Marrakech in Morocco to the blues of the Atlantic in Barbados, from Japan to Cuba, Hong Kong, and Egypt, Sipping Jetstreams is a photographic journey of discovery and adventure. This two-year odyssey focuses not just on the surfing but the places and faces of each destination. Athletes include Kelly Slater, Andy Irons, Dane Reynolds, Bruce Irons, Rizal Tanjung, Benji Weatherly, Shane Dorian, and many more. A Super 16mm film directed by Taylor Steele with phtoography by Dustin Humphrey. Includes a 32-page diary/scrapbook, with a special behind-the-scenes director's commentary. Click Here for a closer look.