Vintage Collectibles - Magazines - Surfer's Journal - Volumes 10 - Present


"It's beginning to look a lot like hypothermia." Canada beckons the hardy.

Content includes "The Resistance: Paddling by Design at Maverick's. Featured shapers include Pat Curren, Ken Bradshaw, Dave Parmenter, and Randy Cone. Also includes a Ned Evans gallery and "Soundings IV: A Fin Study With 11 Professors of the Craft." Plus "Granny and Doc," a profile on the grandfathers of modern surf photography. Finally, a Bill Morris gallery and "Wilbur, We Hardly Knew You: After 20 Years, Kookmeyer Kicks Out" by Ben Marcus. In "Upright: The Revival of Beachboy-Style Surfing," Laird Hamilton and others demonstrate the finer points of stand-up paddle surfing.

Direct from the publisher, these mint back issues are immediately sealed in a clear archival-quality plastic sleeve with an acid-free mat backing board. Virtually untouched by human hands, they are perfect for the discriminating collector.