Vintage Collectibles - Sharks


From the makers of our popular Wave Cookie Jar comes this outrageous munchie container surely to remind you of the man in the gray suit. As you tilt its head back to grab an edible treat, you'll hear that old favorite tune from the hit film Jaws … da dum, da dum! You'll always know if someone in the house is snagging any of your goodies too!!

Measures about 10 1/2 inches high in durable gray plastic with black beady eyes and pearly white teeth. Two AA batteries included.

If you bought one of these while they were only $19.99, count your blessings! The manufacturer just notified us that our lovable shark cookie jar has been discontinued. We are aghast and have been forced to raise our price accordingly. We have only two left... and we were keeping one for our own private collection but we're willing to let it go for for the right price!  Get the last ones while you still can!

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