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"Tiny Bubbles!" Who's that famous Hawaiian night club singer? Oh yeah...Don Ho! From the Maui Tropical Soaps Company on Maui comes their "Hawaiian Surf Soaps -- a unique tribute to one of Hawaii's finest features -- its world-famous surf! These pure vegetable glycerin bars are named after some of Hawaii's best-known surfing locations and feature a very colorful, die-cut label of a stylized breaking wave and surfer. The labels are color coordinated with the fragrances and colors of the bars. These Surf Soaps have a special half-rounded dome shape with a flat bottom that fits very nicely in the hand. A true island style soap with vivid colors and exotic tropical fragrances. The thick, silky lather gently cleans while leaving your skin moisturized. Create your own endless summer with these fun soaps. Removes salt, sunscreen and surf wax island style." Net weight is approximately 5 ounces and now comes in seven assorted fragrances: Coconut (Jaws), Guava (Sunset Beach), Lychee (Waimea Bay), Papaya (Makaha), Passion Fruit (Banzai Pipeline), Mango (Honolua Bay), and Star Apple (Hookipa). Pure and simple.