Vintage Collectibles - Magazines - Surfer's Journal - Volumes 1 - 9


No Way! It's Monterey County's own Jimmy Schaller shacked in Big Sur on his red and white spiderweb Town & Country twin fin (circa 1980) on pages 30-31. We miss you, Jimmy! Chris Klopf portfolio features epic Indonesia, California, Mexico, Hawaii, and Australia. A peek at a standing wave machine in Norway. George Larson Zimmerman biography, Tony Dubovsky art, Wednesday night jam sessions at San Onofre, and legendary shaper Dick Brewer profile. This one's in Betty-minus condition, or about 75 percent of mint. It's been well-read but not thrashed. Some superficial dinks and cover scratches. Subscription card is intact. Complete and intact with no torn or missing pages and no cutouts. You can no longer purchase this back issue from the publisher! Packaged in an archival-quality clear plastic sleeve with an acid-free mat backing board.