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Laird Hamilton annihilates Tunnels on Kauai in this surreal cover image from 1983. A LeRoy Grannis profile kicks things off, followed by "Journeys," featuring images from Indonesia, Mexico, South America, and Puerto Rico. Then it's "Shralping," another word for shredding, lacerating, or just plain killing it (revisit cover image for visual definition...). Players include Bugs, Ian Cairns, Bud Llamas, and Simon Anderson. A "Behind the Lines" pictorial offers some unique perspectives from the back of the wave. Plus "TOADS II," another "Take Off and Die" pictorial featuring the likes of Pipeline, Cave Rock and Gas Chambers extracting a pound or two of flesh from hapless victims. This magazine is in very good or Betty-plus condition, about 85 percent of mint. Very light cover and spine wear with no pulling at staples. No torn or missing pages and no cutouts. Packaged in an archival-quality clear plastic sleeve with an acid-free mat backing board.