Tiki Stuff


OK all you Tiki lovers out there: Introducing the Tiki Statue Treasure Box, hot off the press!

Tiny treasures deserve dinky boxes. These handcrafted ceramic jewels are the kookiest stuff we've found so far! Cute enough for the ladies and kooky enough for the guys. We've seen grown macho surf dudes jump with glee upon receiving these beauties. So no worries, you can't go wrong with this hot item as a gift.

Check out our new "Kooky" Woody Treasure Box, also by the same manufacturer and listed separately. Our Porcelain Treasure Boxes (also listed separately) come in four styles: Surfer, Hula, Woodie, and Island Palm.

We've just been informed that this classic has been retired...Get one while you still can!

Measures approximately 3 1/2 inches tall by 1 3/4 inches in diameter.