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National Geographic April 2000
Hungry? Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, National Geographic published this 24-page feature on the always fearsome and often misunderstood Great White Shark. Lots of beautiful color photos,....... Details
National Geographic May 1935
The much sought-after Nat Geo issue featuring the images of one of the first surf masters of the century, Thomas Edward Blake. Eight illustrations in Duotone include some of the very first water shots of surfers on waves........ Details
National Geographic November 1998
Laird goes big time with this Nat Geo cover from 1998! "Imagine skiing down the front of a five-story building. That's Laird Hamilton's idea of fun." "In the Teeth of Jaws" is a groundbreaking introduction to the....... Details
National Geographic September 1944
This classic issue of National Geographic includes an eight-page pictorial by J.H. "Doc" Ball featuring some of the first California water shots ever published. The captions offer a tidy history of California surfing and an....... Details