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1960s Surfboard Collector and Price Guide (1994)
This is Sam Ryan's first edition vintage surfboard price guide, now out of print and destined for the hall of fame! "An identification and value guide for the surf historian." This is a must-read for anyone with a....... Details
A Guide to Surfriding in New Zealand (1978)
Wayne Warwick provides a comprehensive guide to New Zealand surf spots, including maps, photos, and detailed descriptions of hundreds of different Kiwi surfing beaches. Also includes sections on "The Early Days," "Design and....... Details
Adventure Sports: Surfing (1988)
This is a very detailed how-to guide for the beginner. Author John Conway includes chapters titled "Beach Safety," "Basic Equipment," "Beginning to Surf," "Surfing Unbroken Waves," "Basic Surfing Disciplines," "Advanced....... Details
Anatomy of Paradise (1937)
This book, written by J.C. Furnas, offers an interesting perspective of the people of the Pacific Islands. So many Americans perceived the South Seas as they had seen in the movies of the 1930s. Even though the reading....... Details
Better Surfing for Boys (1967)
This is a timeless book for the beginning surfer that teaches the fundamentals. The basics haven't changed in 40 years! Better Surfing for Boys begins with a brief section on the history of surfing, followed by sections....... Details
Big Surf, Deep Dives, and the Islands (1998)
Ricky Grigg's story takes readers on a journey through the pioneer days of surfing on the North Shore, where Grigg was a standout at Waimea Bay and an innovator at Sunset Beach. In Big Surf, Deep Dives, and the Islands: My....... Details
Competitive Surfing: A Dedicated Approach (1988)
This book was actually written by some of the most successful professional surfers in history, including World Champions Wayne Bartholomew, Mark Richards, Marbo Oberg, and Peter Cole. It is designed for a surfer who "wants to....... Details
Cowabunga! The Complete Book of Surfing (1991)
Is it just me or does this cover give you a headache, too?! The neon colors are the trademark of the 1980s, which witnessed the commercialization of surfing, or "Surfing Goes Hollywood," as author Lee Wardlaw puts....... Details
Essential Surfing, Third Edition (1987)
George Orbelian's Essential Surfing is an illustrative and informative encyclopedia of surfboard design, along with an introduction to surfing fundamentals. This copy is in excellent condition, about 90 percent of mint........ Details
Great American Woodies & Wagons
This revised edition by Donald J. Narus traces the history of "woodie" station wagons from their early beginnings at the turn of the 20th century to the present day. Good luck finding the out-of-print first edition....... Details
Hawaii and Its People (1899)
A beater of a book but what do you expect for an edition printed in 1899! A time machine that really works! Read this history book printed more than 100 years ago and you will travel back in time to Hawaii's glorious past........ Details
Hawaiian Surfriding (1961)
Hawaiian Surfriding: The Ancient and Royal Pastime is an extremely rare booklet written by Tom Blake in 1961. It highlights some of the first North Shore action ever published, and documents some epic south swell action........ Details
Jack London
"And suddenly, out there where a big smoker lifts skyward, rising like a sea-god from out of the welter of spume and churning white, on the giddy, toppling, overhanging and downfalling, precarious crest appears the dark head....... Details
"Chris Ahrens' proves once again that he is among the best storytellers of his generation," with surf stories about Duke Kahanamoku, Jack Murphy, Woody Brown, and more. This signed copy is in very good condition, about 80....... Details
Mike Doyle
"He came from a period when surf heroes were individuals, each with a distinct personality and character," wrote Steve Pezman, publisher of The Surfer's Journal. "I suspect his revelations may ruffle a few....... Details
Modern Surfing Around the World (1964)
Here is a copy of a rare first edition classic by John Severson, founder of SURFER Magazine. Severson chronicles the Polynesian origins of the sport, examines various surfing techniques, and examines how the introduction of....... Details
Mr. Sunset: The Jeff Hakman Story (1997)
"From that magical first wave in the 1950s, thorugh his pioneering big wave riding in the 1960s, and his charge to the top of world professional surfing in the 1970s, the Jeff Hakman Story is also the tale of an entire....... Details
Pure Stoke (1982)
"Bob Barbour's magnificent water shot of Jackie Dunn making the back-door drop at monster Pipeline is among the most dramatic surfing photos ever taken." Content includes chapters titled "Incident at Banzai Reef,"....... Details
Rick Griffin
Never before had all of Rick Griffin's artwork been made available in one tidy collection until his Last Gasp was posthumously published in 2002. This book was dedicated to the memory of "Rick's life and legacy." (Griffin....... Details
Surf Contest (2006)
Legendary SURFER Magazine photographer Ron Church captures the United States Surfing Championships at Huntington Beach in classic black and white. Major players include Duke Kahanamoku, Mike Doyle, Phil Edwards, Corky....... Details
Surfers: Photographs by Patrick Cariou (1997)
"In Surfers, his first book, Cariou nails it -- with expert aid in the form of writer and surfer Dan Duane and surf writer gadfly Matt Warshaw -- distilling the inimitable surfers' drive, will, and lifelong devotion to the....... Details
Surfing (1968)
"Yes, there is a sport that needs waves. It's a sport that lives on waves. It's a sport that must have waves, all kinds of waves. You are right, it's surfing!" Author and photographer Ed Radlauer does a fine job of....... Details
Surfing (1977)
World Champion surfer and former world tour director Fred Hemmings keeps it simple in this classic surfing book from 1977. Hemmings starts with the roots of surfing and discussion of Captain James Cook, the missionaries'....... Details
Surfing (1978)
With lots of classic full-color images provided by Steve Pezman of SURFER Publications and lensman Mike Moir, this tight little book definitely captures the soul surfing characteristics of the 1970s. Tailored toward the....... Details
Surfing by H. Arthur Klein (1965)
This handsome and authoritative work presents instruction in every kind of surf-propelled activity. Klein offers a brief history of surfing, then ventures into wave mechanics, hazards, and safety. He gives a lot of attention....... Details
Surfing California: A Complete Guide to the California Coast (1973)
Every California surfer worth his salt has a copy of this book somewhere in their library or glove compartment. Bank Wright's timeless Surfing California chronicles with maps, photos, and detailed descriptions....... Details
Surfing Fundamentals (1985)
Digging into Nat Young's Surfing Fundamentals: How to Ride a Modern Short Board is like taking a snapshot of professional surfing in the 1980s. After a token how-to portion for beginners, Young gives us what we really want:....... Details
Surfing Hawaii (1971)
"Chambers of juice can be found near the bursting lip." Classic stuff! Any surfer who has ever boarded a plane to Hawaii probably had a copy of this timeless surf guide in their carry-on. Bank Wright's Surfing Hawaii....... Details
Surfing Hawaii (2000)
Bank Wright's Surfing Hawaii was the first, but this updated version by Leonard and Lorca Lueras is a must-have for any surfer traveling to the Hawaiian Islands. Contains more than 140 action-packed color photographs along....... Details
Surfing San Onofre to Point Dume: 1936-1942 (1996)
This classic collection of early California surfing photos by Don James will have you fondly recalling the good old days. George Larson, Barney Wilkes, Jack Quigg, Ed Fearon, and a host of legends are chronicled surfing....... Details
Surfing: A Way of Life (1990)
"Hey Bud, Let's Party!" Who could forget the "lovable" exchange between Sean Penn and the late Ray Walston in Fast Times at Ridgemont High? It has become a cult classic, an icon for the eighties. Written by Surfer....... Details
Surfing: All the Young Wave Hunters (1967)
William Cleary's Surfing: All the Young Wave Hunters tells "the whole fascinating story of the sport -- its mystique, its techniques, its history, and its golden rebels...the surfers who shoot the curl from Waikiki to....... Details
Surfing: The Ultimate Pleasure (1984)
"The soaring spirit of an ancient art form." Complete with anecdotes, historical information, and more than 100 breathtaking photos, Leonard Lueras takes readers on a journey -- from surfing's mythological beginnings, to....... Details
The Complete Book of Surfing (Hardbound, 1965)
Hardbound copy by Peter L. Dixon from its very first printing in 1965 in excellent condition. Jacket shows some minor wear.Previous owner's nameis written in blue ink on front endpaper.Interior pages are very clean........ Details
The Complete Book of Surfing (Paperbound) (1966)
Paperback copy by Peter L. Dixon from its very first printing in 1966 in very good condition with extremely tight binding; may have never been read! Measures about 4 inches by 7 inches with 220 pages. Illustrated with....... Details
The Legend of Butch VanArtsdalen
In this epic surfing story, author Charles Guthrie pits the late Butch Van Artsdalen against the mythical god Neptune in a surfing battle at Windansea in La Jolla. "The underlying struggle in his story is about whether his....... Details
The Perfect Day: 40 Years of Surfer Magazine (2001)
For anyone who has followed SURFER Magazine faithfully over the past four decades, The Perfect Day: 40 Years of SURFER Magazine will take you back to an era. For me it was the legendary tube duels between Mark Richards and....... Details
The Skateboard Book (1976)
This is "the complete book of skateboarding -- America's fastest growing sport." Illustrated with more than 70 photographs and drawings, Ben Davidson's Skateboard Book presents the art of skateboarding from a clear, how-to....... Details
The Surfin
A dictionary of surfing terms and surfspeak! An interesting and rather funny book on surfing and all of the terminology used by surfers. It's not just a sport, it's a lifestyle! This copy is in very good condition with a....... Details
The Way of the Surfer (2003)
In The Way of the Surfer, author Drew Kampion tells the history of surfing through "the lives of a few tribal archetypes, individuals who embody the essence of the endeavor." These individuals include Woody Brown, John....... Details
The Young Sportsman
Ross Olney gives step-by-step instructions for the beginning surfer, from choosing your first board to actually riding a wave. "Hanging ten, shooting the tube, and other advanced tricks are....... Details
The Young Sportsman
Ross Olney's The Young Sportsman's Guide to Surfing is a perfect pocket how-to book for its era. Olney begins with a brief history of the sport, followed by chapters on surfboard design, wave mechanics, safety tips, tricks,....... Details
Tiki Art Now: A Volcanic Eruption of Art (2004)
Otto Von Stroheim's Tiki Art Now explores the resurrection of the tiki scene and the evolution of the contemporary tiki art movement. Featured artists include Dr. Alderete, Bosko, Chichiwan, Crazy Al, Shag, Paul Nielsen....... Details
Tiki Road Trip: A Guide to Tiki Culture in North America (2003)
"Tiki Road Trip is the most complete guide to Tiki culture in North America and abroad -- past and present -- ever written. Tiki expert and urban archaeologist James Teitelbaum lists, describes, and reviews every known Tiki....... Details
Waves and Beaches: The Dynamics of the Ocean Surface (1964)
This 1964 title by Willard Bascom covers the characteristics and causes of ocean waves as well as the effects of waves. Interesting reading with many illustrations and photos. This was acquired from a high school book sale....... Details
Woodies: A National Treasure (1997)
Woodies are timeless..."With their magnificent styling and lush wood detailing, they are not so much means of transportation as they are rolling works of art -- indeed, rolling masterpieces." In Bill Yennes' Woodies: A....... Details
Woodys: Classic Wood-Bodied Wagons, Sedans, and More
This was the first woody book by David Fetherston, now out of print. Woodys tells the story with 100 color photographs and more than 30 black and white contemporary and historical photographs. Included is an enormous....... Details