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"We are born, then we eat sweet potatoes, then we die." -- Proverb of the Rapa Nui, the current inhabitants of Easter Island. Easter Island is a small island 2,300 miles off the coast of Chile. (Yes, there's good waves there, too...) More than 1,000 Moai statues -- some 40 feet tall and weighing up to 20 tons -- were found on the island. These statues, whose original purpose remains a mystery, are between 300 and 900 years old. While our Easter Island Moai Statue isn't nearly as old, it sure is easier to move! Cast of poly resin and made in China. Measures approximately 7 inches tall by 3 inches in diameter. Weighs in at nearly 3 pounds. A perfect paperweight or conversation piece for your tiki bar. Includes fascinating facts about the Moai Statues of Easter Island. We had no sooner discovered these beauties when we learned the manufacturer has already discontinued them. We have limited quantities available...Get one while you can! Click Here for a closer look.