Vintage Collectibles - Magazines - Surfer's Journal - Volumes 10 - Present


Eli Mirandon is born again inside this sunrise-lit winter tube in California. Content includes a Maldives travel adventure with Brazilian wonderkid Adriano de Souza. Then sail to remote spots in the Philippines and Indonesia. Richard Kenvin and Jon Roseman resurrect Bob Simmons' twin-fin balsa longboards from the 1950s. Also contains a Gary Strachan profile and "Backstage at the Bishop: Searching for Duke." Then journey to remote South Africa, take in an artists' gallery, then a Dave Sweet interview by Steve Pezman. Finally, in "Sounding III," six noted shapers chime in on the future of surfboard manufacturing while "Two X Fours" delivers the kind of quality pictorial you've come to expect from The Journal. Direct from the publisher, these mint back issues are immediately sealed in a clear archival-quality plastic sleeve with an acid-free mat backing board. Virtually untouched by human hands, they are perfect for the discriminating collector. Click Here for a closer look.