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SURFING VOLUME 10, NO. 4 (1974)

Jeff Toomey looks even odds to make it on a thick day at Shadow's Reef. Content includes a killer Warren Bolster portfolio, while Eddie Armstrong pens a South Pacific travel adventure titled "Gilligan's Island." Also includes a skateboarding article by Marshall Myrman, "Natural Lines of Flow: The Juice Monster and You" by Drew Kampion, "Hawaii's Sunday Punch" by Bernie Baker, and "Four Guys From the East," including Rick Rasmussen, Bill Lacovara, Jim Cartland, and Greg Loehr. Plus "Man Made Reefs: A History, a Prophecy" by Richard Casperson and "Taking Off," a fictional piece by Hal Humphrey. This issue is in very good or Betty-plus condition, about 85 percent of mint. Very light cover and spine wear with no pulling at staples. No torn or missing pages and no cutouts. We have a second copy of this issue in slightly lesser condition, about 75 percent of mint. Packaged in an archival-quality clear plastic sleeve with an acid-free mat backing board. Click Here for a closer look.