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Is it just me or does this cover give you a headache, too?! The neon colors are the trademark of the 1980s, which witnessed the commercialization of surfing, or "Surfing Goes Hollywood," as author Lee Wardlaw puts it. Wardlaw paints a complete picture of surfing, from how surfboards are made and how to choose one to power surfing, hot spots, surfing lore, and lots of basic information for newcomers to the sport. Lots of photos, illustrations, and a complete surfing glossary. This copy is in very good condition, about 85 percent of mint. Very light cover and spine wear. Complete and intact with no torn or missing pages and no cutouts. Copyright 1991 by Lee Wardlaw Jaffurs. 164 pages. Paperbound. Measures approximately 7 1/8 inches wide by 9 inches tall. We have a second copy of this book in slightly lesser condition, about 80 percent of mint. Click Here for a closer look.