Vintage Collectibles - Surf Movie Memorabilia


This is a rarely seen flyer for John Severson's 1960 color surfing adventure, Surf Fever.

"Surf Fever is a benchmark surfing film, with John's early years of experience resulting in a more end-to-end quality film. Everything reflected a quantum leap in his film-making prowess, with the result being described as a surf-art film.

"Most notable with this film was the popular graphic poster, and the accompanying booklet or program Severson created, called THE SURFER. The booklet became a magazine the following year, and SURFER became the 'tail that wagged the dog.'"

This vintage surf movie handbill is in good condition, about 75 percent of mint. Masking tape residue on reverse side where it was once taped into a scrapbook. Venue portion has been trimmed from the bottom. Light wear overall with no tears or tack holes. No water stains or moisture damage of any kind.

Measures approximately 8 1/2 inches wide by 9 1/4 inches tall.