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"Big move, big feet, and a big future: Kelly Slater at Sebastian Inlet." Read the 17-year-old's profile here. SURFER Environmental Columnist Allston James reports on the Exxon Valdez disaster, arguably the worst environmental disaster in United States history. Derek Hynd pens an Owl Chapman profile. Brian Gillogly examines the relationship between surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding in "Well Connected." A "Heavy Water" pictorial highlights the ledgiest, thickest, meanest waves ever ridden. They include Razors, Shark Island, Big Rock, Todos Santos, and The Box. Plus a "Saltwater Sweat" pictorial, "Excerpts From the Big, Thick Book of Lists," and "Power Hungry: A New Look at Bodyboarding." Also includes "What Is It About Music and Surfing?" and an inspiring Erik Aeder profile and portfolio. This magazine is in very good or Betty-plus condition, about 85 percent of mint. Very light cover and spine wear. No torn or missing pages and no cutouts. Packaged in an archival-quality clear plastic sleeve with an acid-free mat backing board. Click Here for a closer look.